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Investment in Northern France : Advanced Materials | Geavanceerde materialen

M&A, Aluminium Dunkerque, investing

Liberty Aluminium Dunkerque: already €100M in planned investments

07 Feb 2019 | Front page, Advanced Materials, Investment

Shortly after the acquisition of Aluminium Dunkerque, Sanjeev Gupta announced an investment of €100 million over three years to modernize the smelter in Dunkirk, Hauts-de-France

BASF, Agri-Production, Gravelines, Hauts-de-France

BASF invests €1M on its Gravelines site

26 Sep 2018 | Front page, Advanced Materials

BASF Agri-Production is a subsidiary of the German group BASF, which produces most of the crop protection products marketed by BASF France’s Agro division. The Gravelines plant is expanding its production...

Dunkerque Aluminium, Liberty House, GFG Alliance

Liberty House moves to acquire Aluminium Dunkerque

19 Jan 2018 | Front page, Advanced Materials, Investment

GFG Alliance—the holding company for Liberty House—is set to acquire the Aluminium Dunkerque plant in Hauts-de-France for $500 million, and the British group is already planning more investments.

textiles, medical, innovation

Worldwide innovation—Cousin Biotech develops pain-relieving implant

03 Oct 2017 | Front page, Advanced Materials, A region on the move

Cousin Biotech, a specialist in technical textiles for medical applications based in Hauts-de-France, has developed an implant that can replace oral pain medication after inguinal hernia surgery.

Ball Packaging Dunkerque

Ball Packaging finds success in Hauts-de-France

03 Aug 2017 | Front page, Advanced Materials

Ball Packaging has been doing business in Hauts-de-France for over 25 years. A world leader in beverage cans, the US-based company has generated steady growth and will use innovation to maintain it.

Arcelor Mittal Dunkerque investing in performance

09 May 2017 | Front page, Advanced Materials, Investment

Steelmaker earmarks €31 million for continuous hot mill at Dunkerque plant.

Evertree, renewable chemicals, has a pilot plant in Compiègne.

Evertree: The new branch of plant chemistry

14 Sep 2016 | Front page, Advanced Materials, Investment

Evertree, a new company dedicated to reducing harmful chemicals, has developed a rapeseed-based additive that can replace the formaldehyde traditionally used to manufacture wood composite panels. It's new....

Croda invests in Northern France

Croda invests €18 million in Northern France

12 May 2016 | Front page, Investment, Advanced Materials

Britain’s Croda—creating, making and selling specialty chemicals worldwide—celebrates groundbreaking for a new alkoxylation facility at its site in Chocques.

ArcelorMittal will invest €40 million in its Dunkerque steel mill

ArcelorMittal announces major investment in Northern France

11 Mar 2016 | Investment, Front page, Advanced Materials

Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal has announced that it will invest €40 million in its Northern France sites—yet another sign of the region’s key role in this global steelmaker’s strategy.

Look to Lille's PowerGrid Campus for innovations in power transmission.

POWERGRID: Shaping the future of electric power transmission in Lille

23 Feb 2016 | Front page, A region on the move, Advanced Materials

Lille is home to PowerGrid, one of four campuses participating in France’s national smart grid program. Paul Ducasse, CEO of the MEDEE technology cluster, tells us more.

Spin Master tests new toys at Calais plant

Spin Master converts Meccano’s Calais plant into a center of excellence

10 Feb 2016 | Front page, Advanced Materials, A region on the move

Spin Master, which acquired Meccano’s Calais plant in 2013, is now converting it into a center of excellence where the Canadian toymaker can engineer, develop and manufacture new products.

Innovative Textiles

Technical Textiles: CETI partners with Adidas

24 Nov 2015 | Front page, A region on the move, Advanced Materials

Adidas has invited the European Center for Innovative Textiles (CETI) to join its Sport Infinity research program. Aim: develop a 100% recyclable sports shoe made from recycled materials.

EcoPhos innovative plant in Dunkerque -  Lille Region

EcoPhos invests €60 million in innovative Dunkerque plant

24 Aug 2015 | Front page, Investment, Advanced Materials

Belgian phosphate producer EcoPhos is building a €60 million phosphate production plant in Dunkerque—its first site in France. The unit is expected to create 100 jobs by 2017.

recycled plastics for the automotive industry  Lille Region

Northern France takes the lead in recycled plastics for the automotive industry

08 Jul 2015 | Mobility, Advanced Materials, A region on the move

As consumers become more conscious of the environment, the automotive industry is shifting gears to meet new expectations. Finding ways to incorporate recycled plastics into new cars is a major part of this...

Tessenderlo site - chemical - Northern France

Chemical specialist Tessenderlo upgrades site in Northern France

12 May 2015 | Investment, Advanced Materials

Belgium’s Tessenderlo Group, owner of the PC Loos plant in Northern France, has just announced plans for a major investment at the site. The bulk of its €50 million outlay will finance a new chlorine...

The futur Ontex's site - materials - Lille Region

Ontex to consolidate production in Lille Region

02 Apr 2015 | Investment, Advanced Materials

Belgium’s Ontex, the world leader in disposable hygiene products, has announced major plans to combine its existing operations in France at a new site in Dourges.

Biobased economy - Plant Based Summit - Lille Region

Biobased economy stakeholders ready for Plant Based Summit in Lille

31 Mar 2015 | Advanced Materials, A region on the move

The third Plant Based Summit will take place at Lille’s Grand Palais April 8-10. Over 75 exhibitors and 100 key players in the biobased economy will attend this major European trade show, where industry...

3rd Industrial Revolution - Northern France

Third Industrial Revolution yields countless innovations

20 Jan 2015 | Advanced Materials

Inspired by the writings of US economist and visionary Jeremy Rifkin, Northern France has embarked on its own Third Industrial Revolution. Nord France Invest takes a closer look at selected innovations aimed...

3M factory - Lille Region

3M continues investing in Lille Region

29 Dec 2014 | Investment, Advanced Materials

3M group inaugurates new grinding unit to manufacture glass microspheres, creating around ten new jobs and strengthening the plant’s position in a high-value-added market.

Innovation Intelligent textiles - Lille Region

Intelligent textiles: 5 amazing innovations—made in Lille Region

22 Dec 2014 | A region on the move, Advanced Materials

Innotex—France’s only textile incubator—is producing startups with real promise, including these five innovators from Lille Region.