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We’re in the vanguard on information and communication technologies (ICT). A pioneer in mail order and e-commerce, Northern France also offers many other advantages for your Internet or digital arts business. Specialized training programs, advanced research facilities, and our highly connected business ecosystem make our region the perfect location for your project.


Northern France is a leader in Internet technology. Structured around the Euratechnologies center of excellence, the sector is home to 13% of France’s ICT companies, including such well-known names as Microsoft, Tata Communication and IBM.


Ranked third for multimedia in France, Northern France is the birthplace of Ankama (developer of Dofus and Wakfu), Adictiz (creator of Space Dog) and other success stories. With world-class institutions like the Rubika group (formerly Supinfogroup), our region has produced some of the most sought-after talents in the industry.

E-commerce & retail

Northern France is the European capital of mail order and e-commerce. With more than 70 distributors headquartered here, plus 200 mail-order and 160 e-commerce companies, we have the perfect ecosystem for retail businesses.

Internet of Things

With our dedicated ICT sites and IoT cluster, we’re home to a host of international businesses specializing in the Internet—and we’ve got the perfect location for you.


As a French Tech region that supports innovation and startups, Northern France responded by creating a dedicated business sector, drawing on the wide range of resources in our digital ecosystem. Today Lille is Europe’s cyberdefense capital, home to key industry players and hosting events like the FIC International Cybersecurity Forum.