Webhelp recruits 230 people in Hauts-de-France

15 Jan 2021
Investment, Services
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Webhelp recruits 230 people in Hauts-de-France
15 Jan 2021
Investment, Services
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Webhelp recruits 230 employees in Tourcoing and Compiègne

The leader in outsourced customer services is recruiting 600 new employees in France.

The objective of this massive three-month recruitment campaign is to underpin the anticipated post-crisis recovery and, ultimately, to become one of the top three in the sector worldwide.

“We are the current European leader in customer services. Our goal is to become one of the world’s top three within five to seven years,” explains the Director for France, Stéphane Bumbalo about Webhelp’s medium-term objective.

One third of these 600 jobs are in Hauts-de-France, the leading region for the sector in France*. The jobs will be dispatched as follows:

  • 150 jobs in Tourcoing, and
  • 80 jobs in Compiègne.

Together, the two sites already employ 400 people in the region.

After this recruitment campaign, the Tourcoing site will have 500 employees, reaching the figure announced at the group’s opening in 2018.

*number of establishments according to the EY/SP2C 2020 study


Webhelp: priority for people looking to re(integrate) the workforce

Webhelp will focus on young job hunters for this wave of recruitment.

“The under-26 demographic is the worst hit by the economic crisis. A job in our company is an opportunity for them to develop,” Stéphane Bumbalo, Director, France.

The company offers part-time contracts for students and temporary contracts. 10% to 20% of the staff will be immediately hired with permanent contracts.

The recruitment campaign also addresses job hunters who are having trouble finding a job or getting back into the workforce.

By offering stable work to a wide variety of profiles – regardless of age, experience or qualifications – the customer services sector is the ideal opportunity for people wanting to (re)integrate the workforce.

Read the interview with Yann Pitollet, CEO and Olivier Charras, Director of Service Projects, about the economic impact of the sector in the Hauts-de-France region.

These jobs can lead to careers with in-house training provided by the company to ensure professional development. 65% of current managers started in the call centre.

Webhelp: What is the impact of the health crisis on call centres?

During the first lockdown, activity declined with the introduction of new working conditions. Demand then increased for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to answer the many questions of customers and users, which also partly explains this national recruitment campaign.

“Call centres were on the front line in many sectors during lockdown. They managed an influx of questions, orders and cancellations, in tourism for example,” explains Dirk van Leeuwen, Managing Director of Webhelp.

Due to the increase in activity and special pandemic conditions, the company has:

  • become more agile;
  • permanently changed working methods with the massive and rapid organisation of over 11,000 people in France working from home within 10 days;

    “We swiftly made it possible for over 70% of our staff to work from home with all the equipment and protocols necessary for secure and compliant results.

    “Working methods will be different in the future. The emphasis will be on hybrid models to optimize work-life balance.”

The company’s ability to adapt quickly means their objectives have been achieved despite the crisis.

Learn more about the services sector in Hauts-de-France.


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