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CETI's strategic approaches

As a shared innovation platform, CETI offers an exceptional combination of textile skills, tools and high-tech equipment. This unique centre enables companies to take full advantage of the unlimited potential of textile equipment and technologies for new fibres and non-woven fabrics. It offers them the best in textile innovation for redesigning existing products or inventing new ones. It aims to offer companies a variety of research, prototyping and industrial pre-production solutions for turning ideas quickly into products, enabling them to focus on market research.

Technical textile markets are extremely broad and diverse. The textile industry can contribute solutions for health and hygiene, protective equipment, transport, sports and recreation and even the building industry.

A melting pot for innovation, a vehicle for creativity and industry flagship, CETI is a place where companies can design, experiment and develop a new product line adapted to tomorrow's economy and needs.  

CETI tools

Covering 14,000 m², the CETI premises consist of workshops (50% of the total area), laboratories (1/3 of the area) and offices. The complex centres on two buildings designed to function together; if required, they can easily be adapted to operate independently.

The workshops are currently equipped with cutting-edge tools for producing spun and non-woven fabrics.


  • Material preparation unit: Crystallization & Drying
  • A co-rotative twin-screw extrusion line for:
    Studying the behavior of thermoplastic polymers
    Creating thermoplastic Polymer Master Batches and Compounds by adding powder, liquid and pellets
  • A spunlaid line: Production of mono-, bi- and tri-component threads
  • Creping and cutting line: Transforming filaments into fibre


  • A 2,000 m2 workshop with controlled temperature and humidity
  • Material preparation: Crystallization & Drying
  • Web formation:
    Drylaid: 500 - 1,200 mm wide
    Spunlaid: 500 mm wide
  • Web consolidation: Mechanical & Thermal

CETI: a business facilitator

CETI provides and pools skills and cutting-edge equipment enabling companies to move forward from R&D to the prototype stage and further on to pre-production. CETI provides high-performance resources to meet your needs and bring your ideas to fruition.

CETI's resources can be used either directly at the centre itself or through the scientific and economic network: industrial technical centres, academics and researchers.

CETI makes offices and laboratory space available to companies and research centres. This enables them to locate part of their R&D at the core of the scientific and economic network or to be present during prototype tests.

CETI's teams, UP-tex and CLUBTEX, provide skills and experience in setting up projects, quickly turning ideas into consortia and collective projects.

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