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    Philippe Vasseur tells us more about #REV3

    #REV3 ushers in a sustainable, connected future in Northern France 

    Philippe Vasseur, President of Northern France Chamber of Commerce & Industry

    The strategic Third Industrial Revolution initiative in Northern France, known locally as #REV3, was developed by the Northern France Chamber of Commerce & Industry and our Regional Council, in collaboration with American economic and social innovator Jeremy Rifkin. One of the first regional efforts of its kind anywhere in the world, #REV3 has a clear goal: roll out a new economic model that will bring sustainability and connectivity to Northern France by 2050. Specifically, we aim to:

    • cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25%
    • cut energy consumption by 60%
    • shift to 100% renewable energy

    #REV3 is now a collaborative process with a wealth of promising initiatives—support for more than 300 projects, an estimated €500 million in public/private investment each year, over €10 million funneled into special Third Industrial Revolution savings accounts in just eight months, and an innovative €50 million investment fund for businesses willing to launch new ventures and create jobs in the region. Plus seven major projects that are shaping our future: smart secondary schools under the EfEEL & TRI Plan; the Zero-Carbon University; the #REV3 hospital; energy-efficient industry; smart grids; mobility (with SMIRT); and synergies within the Lens area. You’ll learn more about these iconic #REV3 projects in this newsletter.

    We hope that you and your international company will become part of this powerful movement. In Northern France you’ll find fertile ground for developing your projects and ramping up your technology, as well as the support you need to take these bold steps. Join us, and together we can make the new industrial revolution a reality. The team at Nord France Invest, our economic development agency, would be delighted to give you all the details. Get in touch with them now!