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Toyota Onnaing: Four generations of Yaris

16 Jan 2020 | Front page, Mobility, Investment

Everyone is talking about the fact that the Toyota plant at Onnaing near Valenciennes will produce the brand's all-new SUV, but it is also the home of the Yaris in Europe, from the car’s first generation to its fourth!

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The Yaris 4 to be manufactured in Hauts-de-France

It will be lighter and more powerful but not longer, with petrol or hybrid versions. As you have probably already heard, Toyota is launching the Yaris 4 this year - and the Onnaing plant, near Valenciennes in Hauts-de-France, will continue to be its production base. This major project required a €300M investment and meant 500 new employees could be taken on.

The Yaris 4 produced in Hauts-de-France is intended for the European market, with 20% of the output destined for France, the number one consumer of this class B city car.

"The number of Yaris manufactured in 2017 reflects how appealing this model is to customers and reflects the hard work of the 4,000 employees who produce them. Hybrid technology remains a major asset for us since it represented 47% of our production volume in 2017. The new investment demonstrates the confidence of the Toyota Group in our work and it’s an acknowledgement of the dedication of our workforce in producing cars of a superior quality for our customers,” said Luciano Biondo, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF).

Toyota Onnaing, four generations of Yaris, 3.6M vehicles manufactured

The Toyota plant at Onnaing is the Japanese manufacturer’s only production site in France and the only place where the Yaris is produced in Europe. Since its launch in 2001, the factory has built four generations of Yaris, the most produced car in France in 2017 (Inovev ranking).

In total, this represents more than 3.6 million vehicles. The plant currently produces more than 270,000 vehicles per year, with the aim of breaking the 300,000 mark by 2020. This is an ambition that will be achieved with the announcement of the launch a brand new SUV to be manufactured on the site

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Sources: Toyota, l’usine nouvelle

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