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The International Agricultural Show: 36 regional beers win awards

05 Mar 2020 | Front page, Health Nutrition, A region on the move

With 9 more beers than in 2019, Hauts-de-France is now ranked at the top of the Best Beer category in the 2020 General Agricultural Competition.

Zythology*, recognised regional know-how

When it comes to beer, Hauts-de-France can hold its own against its neighbour, Belgium. With 36 beers awarded medals out of a total of 177 at the International Agricultural Show (9 more than in 2019), the region ranks number 1 on the 2020 prize list.

Blond, amber, IPA, triple… these beers took a total of 8 gold, 9 silver and 19 bronze medals, placing the region well ahead of New Aquitaine (11 medals including 3 gold) and Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes (13 medals including 1 gold). See the full award list on the official website.

This know-how also gained international recognition at the World Beer Awards 2019, when the region made its mark, winning 21 medals.

*synonymous with beer science or “beerology”, the study of beer from both a historical and technical perspective – Petit Robert 2019

Hauts-de-France: the brewing sector at the heart of a dynamic food industry ecosystem

France’s third largest region for the food industry, Hauts-de-France is positioned as a key platform for the beverage sector thanks to regular investment and the presence of leading French companies such as Lesaffre, Bonduelle, and Roquette, as well as international businesses such as Heineken, Refresco and Coca Cola.

The regional beverage sector’s key figures:


  • 130 companies including around 60 breweries
  • 2,000 jobs
  • 2nd largest brewing region in France (representing 30% of French production)


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