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SNCF honors Bombardier’s Lille Region production site with 2014 trophy

07 Aug 2014 | A region on the move, Mobility

SNCF Director of Rolling Stock Jean-Marc Larivoire visited the Crespin plant in early July and personally presented employees with SNCF’s trophy in the Best Manufacturer and Site category.

Global rail technology leader Bombardier Transport has won SNCF’s trophy for Best Manufacturer and Site for work on the Francilien—a cutting-edge commuter train for the Paris region—at its Crespin site near Valenciennes. SNCF Director of Rolling Stock Jean-Marc Larivoire visited the facility and personally presented the award to its Francilien and site teams.

The trophy reflects SNCF’s satisfaction with the Francilien project and recognizes the hard work of Crespin employees, who maintained the reliability and quality levels required for the Paris region and still kept enough trains available to serve commuters day to day. Thanks to their efforts, Line H—a commuter rail line serving Greater Paris—currently has a punctuality rating of over 95%.

To achieve this outcome, Bombardier employees delivered three Francilien trains a month, while maintaining a quality level that set a record for the Crespin site—even outperforming the iconic AGC contract—with only 30 reworks per train.

All of Crespin’s departments—engineering, production, bogies, commissioning, quality, and purchasing—worked closely with the project team to achieve this outstanding performance. More than 300 people worked on the Francilien project, with suppliers and subcontractors doing their utmost to deliver top quality and keep the project on schedule.

“Crespin employees made considerable efforts to reach this outcome, which makes this trophy a very rewarding and encouraging message from our client SNCF,” said Jean-Baptiste Eymeoud, Head of Projects, Continental Europe, Bombardier Transportation. “Driven by a strong commitment, Bombardier teams along with our suppliers turned this challenging commissioning of such a new ultra-modern highly automated commuter train into a success now recognized by passengers and customers.”

To mark the occasion, French singer-songwriter RomTom and other musicians who wrote songs about the Francilien train for Bombardier’s FranciLive song contest performed their entries for Crespin employees during their lunch break.


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Source: Bombardier press release

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