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Region shows flair for innovation at CES 2016

07 Mar 2016 | A region on the move, ICT

For nearly 50 years, the Consumer Electronics Show has been THE international showcase for new technologies, and this year France made the strongest showing after the United States, with over 190 exhibitors. We profile three regional start-ups that made Northern France shine.

French presence up 193% means higher profile for French Tech

Standout technologies at CES 2016 focused on augmented reality, connected mobility, connected objects and ultra-HD, as hundreds of young companies flocked to Las Vegas to present their wares during the four-day event. With the number of French entrepreneurs at the show up 193% over last year, the country’s tech sector seems to be on a roll. Many French start-ups were in the spotlight, with companies from Northern France showing special promise. Giroptic’s 360° camera, connected shoes from Phoceis, and Eliocity’s XeeConnect box underscored the region’s innovative flair.

2016 edition showcases promising technologies from Northern France

These budding tech firms have clearly realized that new technologies can continually reshape our daily life. A quick look at what they’re up to:

  • Giroptic was one of five start-ups to win an innovation award at CES 2015, and returned to the fray in 2016. Now incubating at the EuraTechnologies center of excellence here in Northern France, the company is revolutionizing audiovisual technology with a camera that can film in 360 degrees. Ergonomic and waterproof, the tiny 180-gram device can capture 4K-resolution photos and 2K-resolution video footage, and has proved extremely successful. Giroptic scored Kickstarter’s largest-ever crowdfunding campaign for a French company, raising $1.4 million, meeting 946% of its original funding goal, and preselling 4,000 cameras.

  • Working in partnership with French shoe retailer Eram, Phoceis has developed the first connected shoes, carving out a market niche in ultra-custom apparel for fashion enthusiasts— both amateur and professional. Customers can choose the color of their shoes and even match them to clothing by capturing the desired shade with a smartphone. With a single click, the Phoceis app analyses the garment’s color and determines which tones to project on the connected shoes. In 2015, this innovation and consulting agency raised more than €1 million.

  • Eliocity attended CES for the first time in 2016, charging into the connected car market with its XeeConnect box and a suite of some 15 apps designed to make cars fully connected. With Eliocity’s technology, users can lock and unlock doors, verify their vehicle’s GPS positioning and fuel level, and even detect motion—all from a distance. And if the driver encounters a problem, the XeeConnect box will send messages to emergency contacts, providing GPS coordinates and specifying the nature of the problem.

With innovations like these on the way, life will soon get easier for everyone.

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