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Metarom: a new R&D space in Amiens

14 Nov 2019 | Front page, Health Nutrition, Investment

Metarom, the flavourings and caramel specialist for the food industry, has unveiled a new 500m² R&D space in Hauts-de-France as it continues to expand internationally.

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Metarom France: €3.6M of investment in Amiens since 2014

Having invested €2.6m in the expansion and modernisation of its only French site, in Amiens, the Metarom group has injected a further €1m into the development of a new research and development facility.

This new 500m² space will support the three strategic priorities of the group, based on the food challenges of the future: food that is natural, nutritious and delicious.

This investment is allowing the company to:

  • Modernise existing spaces using the most up-to-the-minute equipment, to improve both ergonomic and olfactory working conditions for employees, in accordance with the group's CSR policy
  • Triple the space dedicated to the development of new flavouring extracts - the group’s traditional area of expertise - to harness natural flavours
  • Create new development space for the caramels sector, to support the launch of a new range of unique fillings for the market

The group has a 20-strong R&D team, including four employees recruited in the last two years. These laboratories produce around 1,500 new products every year.

The R&D teams work in close collaboration with colleges and universities in the region and this ultra-modern platform will help strengthen these links.

Continued growth in France and across the world

Metarom is a French family company specialising in the manufacture of flavourings and caramels for the agri-food industry that has become an international benchmark in the field.

Founded in 1953, the Métayer company changed its name to Metarom in 1980 and now has a presence all over the world (Spain, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Colombia, and the United States). In 2004, Metarom decided to amalgamate its three French operations at a site in the Hauts-de-France region near Amiens.

Today the group today has 240 employees and a turnover of €42M.

Source : Metarom

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