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Méga-Pixel personalizes your parcels

03 Feb 2014 | A region on the move, IT

With, a site marketed by Méga-Pixel, clients can add a personal video to their parcels—an innovative concept now attracting interest from a wide range of brands keen to investigate spin-offs for their own businesses.

With, videos can be easily integrated into gift parcels—the ultimate personal touch. The new site is the latest brainwave from Olivier Coryn, founder of Log Vad, an e-commerce logistics business in Northern France, and is already a success.

“We’re the first to offer this service, ” says Thomas Hirsch, who manages Méga-Pixel, the company marketing “I got the idea when I saw a florists’ website that let clients attach a photo to their gift bouquet. And then I noticed someone was looking to develop video applications—which was when I met Olivier Coryn.” The rest is history.

And the service couldn’t be easier: internet users record a message with a webcam or upload an existing clip from their computer. To view the video in their parcel, recipients either scan a QR code with their smartphone or enter a URL and their message appears.

For the next two months, Méta-Pixel, which has been in business for over a year, is marketing the service exclusively to Nocibé, a cosmetics retailer in northern France. Past that period, new clients will be able to sign up for a flat fee of €2,000, with a subscription system kicking in depending on the number of videos sent. “The data we collect on parcel recipients will provide a stream of new qualified leads, which means the cost should be seen as a marketing investment,” explains project manager Olivier Coryn, who is already eyeing future applications: “Our offer is currently of interest to major distributors of gift cards, consumer goods, ready-to-wear — and even other logistics teams.” Example: Méga-Pixel offers to apply QR Codes to all parcels shipped by subscribers, who could then use these codes to distribute promotional videos and coupons for reductions at the closest retail outlet.



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