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Lille Region: a key platform for data centres in Europe

27 Jun 2013 | A region on the move, ICT

OVH, Atos Wordline, IBM, are examples of a burgeoning idyll between data centres and Lille region, located at the Northern tip of France.

datacenter - Lille Region

If the reputation of France in matter of romanticism works in its favour, this new love story is also very pragmatic.

Lille Region has indeed many strings on its bow, beginning with an excellent location. At the heart of North-Western Europe and at the crossroads between the UK and Continental Europe, Lille Region is at the middle of the major high-flow telecommunication networks and backbones. In addition to its excellent location, Lille Region counts on a major energy and utility platform (hosting the most powerful nuclear plant in Europe), with the lowest electricity costs in Western Europe.

Lille Region also benefits from perfect climate conditions, a good asset to significantly facilitate the cooling issues and improve the carbon footprint, and as well from low risk of natural disasters.

Besides, Lille Region has set-up a pro-active and ambitious policy for the development of real-estate solutions, perfectly adapted to the requirements of data centre operations: availability of greenfield sites and total operational costs 10% lower than the average of other European locations (source: Ernst & Young 2012).

Being the youngest and 2nd largest university region in France, the offer in terms of skilled labour force in IT and engineering is significant.

Not to speak of the quality of life, because it seems that Lille Region’s inhabitants are the happiest in France.

As the region is very well positioned for all the critical factors of selecting a data centre location (telecommunications infrastructure, electric power availability and cost, accessibility, weather conditions and risk of natural disasters, real-estate options, workforce and quality of life), it should represent an option for all companies that are looking to expand their data centre operations in Europe.

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