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Lille hosts cybersecurity event

17 Feb 2014 | A region on the move, IT

On January 21-22 Lille hosted the 6th International Forum on Cybersecurity (FIC), the must-attend event for Europe’s cybersecurity industry. This year’s conference attracted two French Cabinet members as well as government ministers from Qatar and Albania.

Strong program spells success for 6th edition

IFC 2014—described as a must-attend event by both participants and visitors­—drew Europe’s entire cybersecurity community, with nearly 3,500 visitors in two days. Security experts, CEOs, CISOs, CIOs and heads of operations gathered for a program packed with high-quality sessions and numerous high-profile industry announcements.

“The fight against cybercriminality is one of the components that make up cybersecurity, along with IT security and cyberdefense policies,” said French Army General (2S) Marc Watin-Augouard, founder of the International Forum on Cybersecurity. “The 2014 FIC is happening at a time where the European Union is in the process of defining a cybersecurity strategy and where France is finalizing its cyberdefense measures.”

Highlights of this year’s Forum included speeches by two French Cabinet Ministers. Interior Minister Manuel Valls expressed support for France's defense budget and highlighted the impact of cybercrime on SMEs, while Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian unveiled a new Cyber Defense plan. The plan will be closely linked to the new Center of Expertise against French Cybercriminality, the bylaws for which were signed at the FIC.

The Forum covered cybersecurity from every possible angle, including FIC’s hacking challenge and presentation of the Innovative SMB Prize and Cyber Book Prize. Representatives of local and national government, businesspeople, and representatives of civil society traded ideas on new technologies, the fight against cybercrime, cyberdefense strategies, the geopolitics of cyberspace, digital citizenship, industry trends, and cybersecurity in the business world.

FIC 2014 key figures

  • 1,500 sq m of exhibit space
  • 3,489 participants
  • 58 nationalities
  • Over 10% of participants from outside France
  • Over 50% of visitors from the business community
  • 226 speakers, including 35 from outside France
  • 41 workshops, 3 plenary sessions, and 9 sponsor presentations
  • 11,174 tweets on January 21, making FIC 2014 the day’s most-followed topic on Twitter France

Origins of FIC

The fight against cybercrime has become a priority in Europe and is now a component of the EU’s Stockholm Program (2010-2015). Recognizing the need to play an active role in the European effort, France’s National Gendarmerie launched the first International Cybersecurity Forum in 2007. Held in Lille—a pioneer city in the fight against cybercrime—FIC has rapidly become a leading event for cybersecurity stakeholders, thanks to its global reach and the key issues covered by its program.


Source: FIC press release

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