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Lesaffre makes a major new investment in Hauts-de-France

08 Sep 2020 | Front page, Health Nutrition, Investment

The global leader in fermentation is to build two new factories in Denain for the production of chondroitin and vanillin.

Lesaffre makes a major new investment in Hauts-de-France

Lesaffre: building an innovative new industrial site at Denain.

On 4 September, the Northern group, the global leader in fermentation, has announced a large scale investment programme in Hauts-de-France:

A brand new production site at Denain which will use innovative technology developed by the group.

Lesaffre will use fermentation to produce two ingredients for the nutrition, health and food industry:


  • chondroitin: a dietary supplement that soothes joint pain and is currently produced mainly in China;
  • vanillin: a key flavouring in the food industry.


With an estimated cost for each site of €150 million, the project should eventually lead to the creation of several hundred highly skilled jobs.

The site selected for the two plants, located in the Pierres Blanches industrial park at Denain covers a total area of 10 hectares.

This announcement follows two other group investments currently in progress:


  • The creation of an international campus
  • The launch of the Fermentis Academy


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Why did Lesaffre choose Denain?

It wasn’t by chance:


  • The site meets the projects technical specifications perfectly and has excellent accessibility.
  • It allows Lesaffre to remain close to the groups other sites (Marquette-Lez-Lille/Marcq-en-Baroeul), in particular the group's R&D centre.
  • The Hauts-de-France region is where the group has been based historically.


Lesaffre investments in Hauts-de-France: a project supported by Nord France Invest

The project that started in 2017 has been supported confidentially by Nord France Invest and its partners, Région Hauts-de-France and the Communauté d’Agglomération de la Porte du Hainaut, which were chosen following a stringent selection process.

Lesaffre's project has received support in three key areas:


  • Finding the best site possible in the region based on very precise specifications: Denain was identified and selected following regional site studies
  • Support with the technical studies and the logistics of setting up
  • Identifying and mobilising financial support: in addition to the financial assistance offered by the Région Hauts-de-France and the Communauté d’Agglomération de la Porte du Hainaut, the project also received government support as part of the new Recovery Plan.


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Source: Lesaffre, Communauté d’Agglomération de la Porte du Hainaut, la Voix du Nord

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