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Healthcare in Northern France—a new take on patient care at home

12 Oct 2015 | Health Nutrition, A region on the move

The Concept Room project, designed to improve healthcare delivery by putting the patient at the center of the process, has unveiled its Opus 4: the Hospihome Concept. This new project focuses on keeping patients in their own homes, improving their quality of life and simplifying the tasks of caregivers.


The Concept Room initiative was inspired by the idea that forging ties between companies and institutions in Northern France’s health sector can improve patient care, accelerate development of innovative equipment, and meet the needs of today’s users by addressing the challenges facing hospitals.

Since 2011, Clubster Santé—a regional health industry network—and Lille's University Hospital Center (CHRU) have worked in partnership to create a series of Concept Rooms.

Three have already been developed. In 2012, the partners unveiled Opus 1, the hospital room of the future, and in 2013 they developed an optimized outpatient surgery center—Opus 2. Last year Clubster Santé and Lille’s CHRU launched the Silver Concept, their Opus 3, focused on residential care for dependent seniors.

In 2015 they will concentrate on home hospitalization with Opus 4, the Hospihome Concept.

In-home care with Hospihome

The Hospihome Concept seeks to make home hospitalization an integral part of the broader treatment process by meeting two goals: improving conditions for both at-home patients and their caregivers and breaking down barriers within the treatment process to optimize care.

In stage one, healthcare companies met with users from senior residential care settings, hospital centers and social housing to define their needs and expectations and to identify the challenges involved in home healthcare. In stage two, which began in September, some 50 health-sector companies will work together for nine months to a year to find innovative ways of improving home hospitalization.

Though they have not yet unveiled these new solutions, it’s clear that connected objects will play a major role. Equipment is designed to adapt to client needs different stages in treatment and fits easily into normal life, while services will be optimized to accelerate delivery of care, provide effective management and give stakeholders more information.

Plan to see the Hospihome Concept for yourself at the 2016 Hôpital Expo trade show in Paris—it’s a success story made in Northern France.

Source: Clubster Santé

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