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Hauts-de-France launches its aerospace brand

27 Feb 2020 | Front page, Mobility, A region on the move

With Aer’Hauts-de-France, the Hauts-de-France region is seeking to unite the aerospace industry’s key players with a common strategy. It aims to give the sector a boost in development.

What is Aer’Hauts-de-France?

In June 2019 at the Paris Air Show, Hauts-de-France announced the creation of a regional brand: Aer’Hauts-de-France.

Now fully operational, the brand brings together a group of regional stakeholders:

  • manufacturers
  • research centres (Onera),
  • R&D centres and innovation platforms (Industri’Lab, CETIM, etc.)
  • institutions (CCI Hauts-de-France, Direccte Nord France Invest, Altytud, etc) 

Aer’Hauts-de-France: bringing the national aerospace strategy to the region

The new brand’s primary aim is to boost the rapidly developing regional aerospace industry. Note Airfoils and Rafaut’s recently launched operations and SFK’s latest investment in the region.

In the same vein, Aer’Hauts-de France gives regional support to the directives proposed by its national counterpart GIFAS (the French aerospace industries association), while retaining the right to add other initiatives in relation to specific regional requirements.

It’s a two-way mission that makes the brand the voice of its members nationwide.

To assist manufacturers’ development, Aer’Hauts-de-France has set up a support programme covering 4 key areas depending on the maturity of each company:

  • employment and skills
  • industrial performance
  • innovation
  • globalisation

Find out more about the aerospace sector in Hauts-de-France.

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