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Greenyard Foods makes new investment in Northern France

10 Feb 2015 | Investment, Health Nutrition

Belgium’s Greenyard Foods, a leading international contender in the food industry, is investing €8 million at its facility in Northern France. The move will boost productivity—not just for the local plant, but for Greenyard’s entire frozen foods division.

Greenyard Foods at a glance

Greenyard Foods is a major international food group with 2,470 employees, €620 million in sales and 13 production sites across Europe — in Belgium, France, the UK, Poland and Hungary. The company is well known for its success in processing harvest-fresh fruits and vegetables to create long-life food products, and its Pinguin frozen foods division is now a leading player with global reach.

€8 million earmarked for Pinguin’s Comines plant

Investments at Pinguin Comines include a new blanching facility, improvements to the carrot and green bean processing line, and a new-generation deep-freeze tunnel that will replace three older, less efficient units, handling 16 tons of green peas an hour. These cutting-edge technologies will deliver both ultra-fast processing and increased sustainability: the new equipment is more efficient, using less energy and water and reducing wastage of raw produce.

A key site for Greenyard

“Our Pinguin Comines plant is critical to our frozen-food division in several ways,” says Pinguin managing director Hans Luts. “For a start, it’s very close to the farm areas in France and Belgium that grow our produce. The plant also has a long tradition of high-quality frozen products: by working closely with French and Belgian farmers in the region we’ve been able to secure a steady flow of top-quality raw materials for the food products we make. Finally, there’s land available for development, substantial storage capacity for frozen foods, and the comprehensive water purification system that we recently installed.”

Bottom line: this new round of investments will make the Comines site—and thus the entire frozen foods division—more efficient than ever.

Nord France Invest helped arrange financial engineering.


Source: Greenyard Food press release



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