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Funding toolkit powers the new Industrial Revolution in Northern France

14 Dec 2015 | A region on the move

The Northern France Regional Council and Chamber of Commerce & Industry are set to transform the region’s economy with an array of funding tools that meet a wide range of needs.

CAP TRI—a €50 million business investment fund

A new Industrial Revolution has begun in Northern France, backed by a €50 million public-private investment fund—CAP TRI. Created jointly by the Northern France Regional Council and the Northern France Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the fund brings together financial players from the private and public sectors in France and across Europe.

Designed exclusively for ventures that support the priorities of the Third Industrial Revolution, the fund targets companies seeking to create jobs in Northern France, whether they are based in the region or simply want to do business here.

Successful applicants will receive €1 million-€4.75 million in financing from the fund, in exchange for an equity interest in their business.

A savings account for everyone

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs with business ideas that support the Industrial Revolution initiative can apply for loans at favorable rates from Crédit Coopératif and its partner bank Caisse Solidaire, thanks to a specially designed savings account. “Third Industrial Revolution” accounts will generate attractive returns to give students and other account holders an incentive to invest for the long term. Balances of up to €1,500 will earn 1.75% annually, while balances above €1,500 and up to the €100,000 ceiling will earn 0.8% a year. Anyone can open a Third Industrial Revolution savings account: there is no minimum balance and no requirement to open a linked checking account. Funds can be withdrawn at any time, and Crédit Coopératif will provide deposit insurance.


Everyone will need to do their part to make the new Industrial Revolution a success—which is why crowdfunding is included in the financial toolkit for Northern France.

Four crowdfunding platforms have joined the initiative:

  • KissKissBankBank is Europe’s leading crowdfunding platform, with over 30,000 projects and more than €20,000,000 raised since its launch in 2010.
  • gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to launch a public fundraising campaign. Loans range from €200 to €10,000 and are issued at 0%.
  • CowFunding specializes in financing through donations, with or without compensation.
  • KiosktoInvest is a platform launched by the Northern France Chambers of Commerce & Industry to fund projects that support the region’s Third Industrial Revolution initiative.

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