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FEAL returns for a 3rd event

04 Jul 2018 | Front page, Mobility, A region on the move

The European Automotive Forum in Lille was held on June 20-21, with more than 200 attendees. The return of an event that has consolidated its reputation in the heart of France’s top automotive region: Hauts-de-France.

Automotive industry leaders meet at FEAL

If you are part of the automotive industry, then you have already heard of FEAL (European Automotive Forum in Lille). Since 2013, the event has brought together major players from the mobility industry in Europe.

For this third edition, 200 people took part in top-tier conferences and workshops.

FEAL’s themes: new mobilities, outlook, and Brexit

Over two days, FEAL attendees took part in interesting conferences and heated debates on the future of mobility. Innovative technologies, new usages, and the geopolitical configuration of the world took center stage at the event.

Specialists from Renault, Peugeot, Toyota, Plastic Omnium, Valéo, BYD, Faurecia, and more discussed autonomous and intuitive cars, as well as the impact of electrification on vehicles by 2030.

As a highlight of the event, keynote speaker Louis Schweitzer (former CEO of Renault) shared his personal vision of the future of the automotive industry in France with audience members.

A delegation from Coventry came especially to attend the FEAL

Nord France Invest has a long history of valuable collaboration with the region of West Midlands in the United Kingdom and particularly the city of Coventry. The region, which is heavily involved in the automotive industry, responded to Nord France Invest’s invitation to FEAL by sending a delegation of eight people.

Rahat Iqbal, the CEO of Interactive Coventry Limited, appeared on stage for the discussion on “New Mobilities and Smart Cities.”

Learn about the advantages of the Hauts-de-France automotive sector

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