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DBT-CEV : A Lille Region Success Story

06 May 2013 | A region on the move, Mobility

DBT-CEV, a European leader in charging stations for electric vehicles and hybrids, is constantly moving forward. With €20M in sales expected in 2013, this Northern SME is entering the American market and may also make its debut in the stock market.

DBT-CEV -charging stations - electric vehicles - Lille Region

Adapted charging stations

A subsidiary of the DBT (Douaisienne de Basse Tension) Group, DBT-CEV (Charging Electric Vehicle) was created a year ago after a partnership was reached with Nissan for large-scale deployment of fast charging stations throughout Europe.

Located in Lille Region (near Douai), their products are designed and manufactured right here in the region.

The company provides customizable recharging solutions that are safe and innovative. DBT-CEV adapts its charging stations to the various types of charge. It also offers adaptable charges for various uses intended for vehicles owned by public and private enterprises as well as privately owned vehicles.

European Leader

With more than 20 years of experience and undeniable know-how, DBT-CEV has become a European leader in the design and manufacture of charging infrastructure for electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles. 
The company has already installed 10,000 stations and several hundred fast chargers in 500 French cities and towns. Of the 27 countries in the European Union, 15 have chosen DBT-CEV new-generation fast charging stations; these stations have the advantage of recharging batteries in under 20 minutes. "Since March 2013, 650 fast charging stations have been operating in Europe; of those, 400 came out of our workshops. And ours are the only ones that work with all car makes, including Renault. Their connectors meet the Japanese CHAdeMo standard and the German Combostandard," according to Hervé Borgoltz, DBT President.

As it takes on the American market,

DBT-CEV today is assembling 200 chargers per month and has a monthly capacity of 200 fast stations and 500 slow stations. Buoyed by its 350% growth in sales in 2011/2012, and with a target of €20M for 2013, the company plans to raise more than €10M in funds and is considering an IPO in order to pursue its growth. What is more, it is launching the charging station for the American market in partnership with software manufacturer ChargePoint®. The two companies will thus be able to offer an integrated recharging solution for commercial fleets and public recharging.


Source : DBT - CEV

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