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Cybersecurity: Vade Secure brought into the American fold

15 Jul 2019 | Front page, ICT, A region on the move

In Lille (Hauts-de-France), the cyber security start-up Vade Secure has raised 70 million euros from an American fund to accelerate its international expansion.

Vade Secure: a 70-million-euro investment

The start-up Vade Secure, set up in 2009 in Hem, near Lille (Hauts-de-France) and bought out in 2013 by four entrepreneurs, is a French market leader in email protection.

The company, which now has 120 employees worldwide, has just received 70 million euros from the Boston-based General Catalyst fund and now comes under American control. This is a record financing agreement for a French cybersecurity company.

Vade Secure seeks to conquer the world

“We want to become a global leader in cybersecurity, become a unicorn and even float on the stock market.” Georges Lotigier, CEO of Vade Secure

The company, which already offers protection to more than 600 million email accounts around the world (possibly even your own, without you knowing it), is determined to conquer the American market and become the world leader in email security in the next few years.

In order to do this, the company, which is evolving in a constantly developing sector, is focussing on three key areas:

  • The home of its new shareholder: Vade Secure wants to increase the proportion of its turnover in the US from 30% to 50% in under three years
  • The development of AI: the company wants to use the injection of funds to enlarge and improve the automatic learning capabilities of its threat detection system (the platform improves itself and expands to detect the slightest security breach thanks to the millions of pieces of data scanned every day)
  • The sale of its technology as a white label (API) including the development of its native email security solution for Office 365.

And if it meets its goals to increase its turnover tenfold and its workforce fivefold in five years, the Lille start-up will almost certainly become a French unicorn!

Why choose to base an IT company in the Hauts-de-France?

Hauts-de-France is a region at the forefront of information and communication technologies. This is proved by the major companies already based there such as Microsoft, OVH, IBM, etc., and also the specialist training and clusters/centres of excellence, like Euratechnologies and la Serre Numérique.

The Hauts-de-France region has so much to offer - IT services, multimedia, retail and e-commerce, the Internet of Things and cybersecurity to name but a few of its assets.

Find out more about the ICT sector in the Hauts-de-France region.



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