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COVID19: list of implemented measures

20 Mar 2020 | Front page, A region on the move

In an effort to help your business cope with this exceptional and unprecedented period, Nord France Invest has listed for you various measures implemented by the Government, BPI France and the Hauts-de-France Region.

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Our entire team remains available to help you and answer your questions.


There are three major actions French companies can take to cope with the consequences of Coronavirus for their activity.

1. Inform their employees and clients about health precautionary measures put in place

Employers must take the necessary actions to ensure the health and safety of their staff and are required to provide employees with all the means of protection useful in coping with the epidemic: hydroalcoholic gel, washrooms and supply to wash their hands, if necessary, protective masks

If compatible with the company’s activity, travel by employees should be limited to what is strictly necessary. This recommendation is essential (except for absolutely imperative reasons) for all business travels to high-risk areas and any meeting with contacts from the hotspots.

2. Organise work to limit the risk of contagion

  • Remote working

    Under exceptional circumstances, such as in the event of an epidemic, the implementation of home office does not require any particular formality. There is no need to sign any business agreement; a notification by email is sufficient. This implementation allows employees to work remotely until the end of the incubation period (14 days) in order to avoid the risk of the virus spreading in the company

  • Exceptional child care leave

    Following the closure of all schools, parents of children under the age of 16, who have no other option for the care of their children, can benefit from exceptional daily allowances by the « Assurance Maladie ». Since May 1, 2020, employees on exceptional child care leave have been placed on part time activity. This measure will be maintained by the government until June 1. Employees can also ask if their company allows them to work remotely and babysit.

3. Business Continuity Plan (PCA)

The PCA has been activated to adapt companies’ operating methods and organisation to the disruption induced by the Coronavirus epidemic. The measures in this PCA allow companies to rearrange their premises, manage stocks and supply flows, adjust working hours (shift work for example) or reconsider their business trips.


The French government has put in place immediate support measures for businesses, the main of which are :

  • An economic emergency plan which rises from 45 billion euros to 100 billion euros

For further information:


  • Bpifrance backs up private bank loans to companies in an effort to protect firms threatened by the impact of the coronavirus outbreak

  • Extension of the classic guarantees for investment loans, to support the reorganisations operated by banks, without management fees,

  • Adjustment of medium and long term loans for Bpifrance customers, rescheduling will be done automatically

  • Cash support loans:
    o Loans without guarantee, without security interests over the assets of the company or its manager, they are dedicated to VSEs, SMEs, and Mid-caps who are going through a difficult time due to the COVID-19 health crisis
    o With the Regions, a « Rebond » loan of 10 to 300 000€ subsidised on a period of 7 years with a 2 years deferral
    o The « Atout » loan, up to 5M€ for SMEs and 30M€ for Mid-caps, granted over a period of 3 to 5 years with deferred depreciation.
    o First report on the government’s back up scheme

Useful contact:

From March 23, of a toll free number to contact the Receivers including court-appointed Receivers will be available in an effort to help companies figure out and apply the support measures announced by the Government (deferral of social charges and tax claims, the rescheduling of bank loans, and when of the support measures proposed by Bpifrance) would take effect : 0 800 94 25 64


In an effort to support local artisans and merchants impacted by Covid-19, the Hauts-de-France region :

  • secures 327 millions € to back up companies 
    o €30 million direct aid : First Aid Fund, Hauts-de-France prévention and repayable regional advances.
    o €36 million back up loans by Région/BPI: regional regeneration scheme et economic rebound loan.
    o €18 million contribution from the national solidarity fund for the month of March, potentially ramping up to € 54 million (March, April and May)
    o €1 million to chartiy organizations via le DASESS (managed by France active).
  • Doubles its back up capacities to support loan grants from banks
    (loans backed up for a total amount of € 80 million)
  • interruption of all direct debits for companies supported by the region, which represents over € 6 million payment deadlines suspended (from March to May 2020)
  • Leans on a dedicated team available for the companies concerned throughout the whole regional territory.
  • Webinars to help business activities during lockdown period

Further information on:



Dirrecte Hauts-de-France:
03 28 16 46 88

Région & CCI Hauts-de-France:
03 59 75 01 00

Updated in real time news (french):

Nord France Invest:
Guillaume Jinkoji, Responsable Asie

Christelle Rondel, Senior Project Manager

Download the document in pdf format (English version)
Download the document in pdf format (French version)

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