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Choose France: investment projects announced for Dunkirk

22 Jan 2020 | Front page, Health Nutrition, Investment

Coca-Cola and AstraZeneca announce major investments in the Hauts-de-France region at the third Choose France summit.

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Choose France: major groups invest in Hauts-de-France companies

After the announcement a few days ago of a second production line at the Toyota site in Valenciennes, two more major companies in the Hauts-de-France region yesterday announced substantial investments in France and the region:


  • Coca-Cola, the soft drink giant that has had a presence in Dunkirk for 30 years, will invest €1 billion in France over five years
  • AstraZeneca, the biopharmaceutical group which has had a site in Dunkirk for a quarter of a century, plans an investment of €500M in France by 2025


With these investments, a significant portion of which will be targeted at the regions, the two foreign companies reaffirm their confidence in Hauts-de-France and their satisfaction with doing business there.

Coca-Cola invests €1 billion over five years

Coca-Cola, a major player in the food industry, has announced a €1 billion investment in France. The money, shared equally by the Coca-Cola group and its French subsidiary Coca-Cola European Partners, will be distributed across the brand’s five production sites.

The Hauts-de-France plant is expected to benefit from a large share of the investment in Coca-Cola’s bottling plant. CCEP announced the creation of a “new state-of-the-art aseptic bottling line”. Based in Socx, near Dunkirk, this site is one of the group’s three largest in Europe.

To read more about the history of CCEP in Hauts-de-France, see our July article.

For its part, the Coca-Cola Company wants to support the launch of new drink ranges in France (notably Fuze Tea and Tropico), while accelerating the development of its existing brands.

This is a strategic joint investment ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games for which the Coca-Cola group is a sponsor.

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AstraZeneca invests €230 million in Dunkirk

Following a €135 million extension to its Dunkirk site, the Anglo-Swedish pharmacy giant plans to reinject €230 million over five years. This sum is part of an overall investment of €500 million in France. It should allow the Hauts-de-France factory, the group's global centre of excellence, to increase in productivity thanks to:


  • The creation of new production lines (an autonomous assembly line and assembly and packaging lines)
  • The modernisation of existing infrastructure
  • The recruitment of a hundred highly-qualified new employees


Also note: the group is currently working on the opening of a freight shipping line between the port of Calais and the United States.

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