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BYD: becoming the leader in electric mobility in Europe

21 Jul 2020 | Front page, Mobility, A region on the move

Following extensive research before expanding into in Europe, China’s leading producer of electric buses chose the Hauts-de-France. Discover the stages of their set up in France.

Automotive: BYD sets up in France with Nord France Invest

Setting up in a foreign country is a major step in the life of a company

Entering a new market, generating business, optimising work flows...There are many reasons for developing abroad and each company has its own drivers.

What were BYD’s (Build Your Dreams) motivating factors during its investment project in 2016?

Anticipating the development of sustainable mobility in Europe, and particularly in France, the largest bus market on the continent.

How can you be sure to make the right choice? Whom should you contact to save time and optimise the process?

Exclusive to this business case:

  • the complete list of reasons that led BYD to choose the Hauts-de-France from its shortlist of 3 regions,
  • elements from their specifications
  • the exact installation timetable
  • details of the support from Nord France and its partners to ease the process of setting up BYD



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