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Airbus drones used for logistics in the Hauts-de-France

28 Jun 2019 | Front page, ICT, A region on the move

The Hauts-de-France region is investing in providing logistics companies with a dynamic and comprehensive working environment and its latest project is the development of drone delivery on the eValley site.

The Region is planning for the logistics of the future by trying out delivery by drone in the Hauts-de-France

eValley, The biggest logistics 3.0 hub in Europe is still under construction and the Hauts-de-France Region is already planning to trial delivery by drone. This is another tangible example of the region's willingness to provide companies with the best possible conditions in which to grow and conduct their business.

To begin with, in accordance with the agreement signed at the Paris Air Show between Survey Copter (Airbus) and Hauts-de-France Innovation Development (HDFID - Hauts-de-France Region), the two companies will carry out a six-month feasibility study to determine: What is the economic potential of this innovative delivery system? Which markets is it aimed at? Which customers are targeted?

Eventually, the region would like to develop delivery by drone across the whole territory. This is an ambitious project that would strengthen the Hauts-de-France's position as an international leader in the logistics sector. The idea is that these drones, capable of lifting up to a tonne of merchandise, will be able to quickly link up other cities in the region, France or Europe (Brussels, for instance, in 35 minutes).

Hauts-de-France, the number one region for logistics in France

The Hauts-de-France region, the birthplace of distance selling in France, is now a national leader in logistics. This sector has been given a boost in the region thanks to the arrival of e-commerce.

With more than 157,000 employees (not including temporary workers) and 13,000 m² of storage space, the region offers companies in the sector an ideal location in the heart of northern Europe and at a lower cost. Its infrastructure makes it a hyperconnected region, offering direct access to five European capitals including Paris. This is an advantage that large international groups like Amazon, Rakuten or DHL have seized on.

The Hauts-de-France, Europe's primary logistics hub

But the region has other ambitions. It now wants to become the number one logistics platform in Europe and make northern France, the nerve centre of European trading.

So what are the factors that will enable it to upgrade its capacity to better respond and anticipate the needs of international businesses in the region?

1. The Hauts-de-France is a hyperconnected region, at the heart of Europe, making it the ideal location from which to access the European market

2. Its strong recruitment capacity

3. Advanced support, training and research thanks to the Euralogistic and Euratechnologies clusters

4. The latest infrastructure: connected multimodal platforms, robotics, IT - the Region supports and helps to develop numerous innovations for employees to facilitate working

Find out more about the regional logistics sector

Sources: Airbus, La Voix du Nord

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