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AgeingFit—the first convention for senior health innovation

05 Dec 2016 | Front page, Health Nutrition, A region on the move

AgeingFit, the first international business convention for innovation in the silver economy and silver health, will be held in February 2017 with support from Eurasanté, a center of excellence for biology, health and nutrition in Hauts-de-France.

360° approach to silver health innovation

The first AgeingFit convention, organized by Eurasanté, the Nutrition Health Longevity cluster and France Silver Eco, will focus on innovations that help seniors stay independent longer and provide care when they need it. Set for February 2-3, 2017 at the Grand Palais in Lille, the event will bring together 600 representatives from the silver health sector, with some 50% of participants coming from outside France.

This 48-hour event will be a powerful stimulus for new and existing business partnerships in innovations that prevent and treat the effects of ageing, and help seniors cope with them.

Innovating in this area requires a combination of technologies and expertise from many industries,” says Etienne Vervaecke, Eurasanté General Manager and Lead Organizer for AgeingFit. “For these new products and services to meet the expectations of customers and end users at a practical level, stakeholders must come together to brainstorm and develop solutions together. AgeingFit will give them a time and place to interact, to meet and to find partners in innovation.

The program

- Qualified meetings

- Round tables and specialized presentations. Some 60 speakers will inspire participants to trade ideas on the economic, medical, scientific and regulatory issues raised by silver health. The round tables will be divided into three tracks:

  • Track 1: from needs to idea
  • Track 2: from idea to innovation
  • Track 3: from innovation to market

-  Pitches on innovative technologies and start-ups

- Exhibits

- a Silver Contest, exclusively for AgeingFit participants, to recognize innovative silver health products and services. The contest is open to nursing and retirement homes, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and service providers.

For more information on the first AgeingFit convention, visit

Eurasanté—at the heart of a health ecosystem

Founded in 1994 by the University Hospital Center, Eurasanté assists researchers, entrepreneurs and companies in the biology/health/nutrition sector, supporting their research projects and helping them create and grow their businesses.

Located in the center of Europe’s largest university hospital campus, Eurasanté Business Park offers a unique environment. Currently it is home to:

  • 160 businesses and other entities with 3,000 employees
  • 7 hospitals with 14,000 professionals
  • 4 medical schools with 12,000 students

#Eurasanté Business Park is also located near the research laboratories of the Lille University Hospital Center. Their proximity helps create cutting-edge businesses in the health sector, offering a unique opportunity for many companies to grow, aided by services from the internationally recognized technology platforms on the campus.

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