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A new gaming hub in Hauts-de-France

22 Oct 2019 | Front page, ICT, Investment

Bigben, a key player in the French multimedia sector, has outsourced its gaming hub/video games to a new company - Nacon

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Bigben outsources its gaming expertise

The French company Bigben, a European stakeholder in the multimedia and video games market, has just set up a new company - Nacon. Originally a brand of accessories for core gamers, Nacon now encompasses all the group’s gaming-related activities, whether it be software (development, publishing, marketing and distribution) or accessories (design, development, manufacture and trading of consoles, controllers and other equipment).

This brand new company, which remains linked to Bigben, has taken over the group's games studios, distribution subsidiaries, patents and intellectual properties.

The creation of this separate company allows Bigben to clarify the operational and strategic organisation of each of its business sectors: mobile, audio and gaming.

It is also a unique opportunity to develop its video games hub. It means Nacon can now boost its growth by raising funds (through borrowing or capital increases) and with external financing as a complementary strategy to its acquisition policy. Over the past two years, Bigben has taken on four independent studios, the latest being Spider (September 2019), a French studio specialising in action and role play games.

“Setting up an independent Gaming Hub represents a new stage in our strategy to become a benchmark in the video game industry. Nacon has now become a springboard for developing this Hub for Bigben and its independence will allow it to seek out new sources of financing necessary for its growth,” said Alain Falc, Chairman and CEO of Bigben.

Bigben 2022, an ambitious development plan

Although Bigben is already a well-known entity in the video games world, the creation of Nacon will allow it to meet its objectives for 2022. Bigben is thinking big for the future. By putting gaming at the heart of its expansion, the group wants to position itself as a key player in the development and second-tier publishing market. The company, which is based in northern France, forecasts turnover of 350 million euros by the end of March 2022, up from an expected turnover of between 240 million and 250 million euros at the end of 2018-2019.

Bigben: Hauts-de-France and then the world

Bigben was set up in Lesquin in 1981 by Alain Falc to distribute and manufacture electronic products. Its far-sighted director caught the technology wave and by the early 2000s had made his company the French leader in accessories for gaming consoles. He continued the development of the group by buying publishers and distribution companies with an international reach.

Famed for its capacity for innovation and creativity, Bigben Interactive is now structured around three business areas: gaming (via Nacon), audio and mobile. It is listed on the Paris stock exchange, has international recognition and has more than 300 employees.

Source : Bigben, Les Echos Investir

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