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    e-Valley, soon to be Europe’s biggest logistics hub for e-commerce

    Nord France Invest, the investment promotion agency for Northern France presents e-Valley, an brand-new hybrid and e-commerce offer in France’s top logistics region. Now under construction, the first buildings will be delivered in summer 2020.

    #1 – Warehouse availabilty

    E-Valley offers 700,000 sqm of warehouse space completely secured and equipped with the latest connected technologies. Thanks to modular units starting from 6,000 sqm, companies can benefit from scalable storage that adapts to their warehousing needs over the long term. This highly flexible approach to space allocation means customized solutions—a key benefit for the companies e-Valley is designed to serve.

    #2 – Bonded warehousing

    As a customs bonded site, e-Valley will offer a clear competitive edge:

    • Customs duties and VAT payments are deferred until merchandise is sold or leaves the site, allowing rigorous cash flow management.
    • Merchandise shipped outside EU customs territory is completely exempt.

    #3 – Fast access to major European roads

    Close to large metropolitan areas:

    • 1h to Lille and 2h to Paris via A1
    • 1h30 to Brussels and 3h to Cologne via A2
    • Close to leading European ports:
    • 1h30 to Calais via A26,
    • 2h to Antwerp via A2

    #4 – Easy management of customer returns and unsold merchandise

    Managing customer returns and unsold merchandise is a serious issue for e-merchants, and e-Valley has the solution: Out’Net, a retail center where goods will be repacked and sold to the public 50% off the original price.

    #5 – Shared services

    • Offices: Connected and fully equipped coworking spaces will be available in an 85,000 sqm area with shared services, offices and living area.
    • Call Center: This fully equipped and connected high-tech space will be available to companies that work closely with e-merchants.
    • Photo studios: E-retailers will be able to use e-Valley studios for on-site shooting—and benefit from mutualized costs and short timelines.
    • Hotel and restaurant: For e-Valley visitors and workers, these amenities will contribute to quality of life.
    • Specialized service providers: services in such key areas as transport, logistics and e-commerce, plus convenience services—gas stations ; box and packaging manufacturers; mechanical workshops; producers and assemblers of storage equipment; and more.

    Contact us for more information on scalable storage spaces