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Vous êtes à la recherche d'analyses et de chiffres pour préparer au mieux votre projet de développement ? Retrouvez ici tous les conseils d'experts en implantation. Vous découvrirez des outils méthodologiques exclusifs ainsi que des informations classées par thème et par secteur.


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France is one of a handful of European countries to qualify as an agrifood powerhouse. Even in time of crisis, the sector has proven robust and adaptable. What are its strengths, and where are the best opportunities? Read our articles on the food industry in France to find out.


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On January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom left the European Union. For British companies, the consequences range from changes in rules of origin to upheavals in supply chain logistics, the return of customs duties, new VAT and mark rules, and more. Read our articles for insights on how to adjust your business model.

Doing business in France

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For years, France has been one of Europe’s top host countries for foreign direct investment. Business leaders rave about the productivity, innovative flair and talent found here. But some outdated clichés and myths about France remain—and it’s time they left the scene. Why should you make France part of your strategy for growth in Europe? You’ll find the answer in these articles.

Setting up a business abroad — how to make your investment a success

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Setting up a subsidiary abroad is no small matter. For project leaders, there are delicate strategic choices; for corporate management, there key priorities with major consequences. To help make your move a success, we’ve developed exclusive resources including tips and tools from professionals who’ve been setting up companies for over 50 years.