Business acquisition: practical advice

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Merger and Acqusitions: Definition, Strategies & Stakes

The purpose of this guide will be to discuss the different forms of mergers and acquisitions, the strategies behind them, as well as the successive stages in their implementation.
Fusion Acquisition

Everything you need to know about Absorption Merger

What is absorption merger? How does it work and what are its advantages? All the answers to your questions are in this article!
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External growth: definition, strategies & advise

Find out everything you need to know about external growth: definition, mechanisms, and different strategies related to this type of growth
Devanture tribunal

Everything you need to know about taking over a company

Discover in this article everything about companies takeover under the specific legal regime of collective procedures.
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Leveraged buy out: what is it and how does it works?

How does a leveraged buyout (LBO) work, what are its advantages and disadvantages? Find out more in this article!
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M&A process: fundamental steps explained

Discover in this article the 3 main steps of a merger and acquisition project, as well as practical advice to prepare the post-acquisition period.
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How to value a business? Methods, Steps and Advise

Why and how to value a company? What are the criteria to be taken into account, and by which calculations to estimate the value of a company? Discover the answers to these questions in this article!

What is a joint venture? Definition, advantages, features

When and why to opt for a joint venture? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this form of collaboration? You will find all the answers to your questions about the joint venture here.