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15 key points about the transition from CE to UKCA marking

Amongst the substantial changes that Brexit implies, the one that causes the most concern is the transition from CE to UKCA marking. Nord France Invest answers your most frequently asked questions on this topic.
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[INTERVIEW] Exploring the new EU VAT rules in a post-Brexit market

The EU VAT reform to e-commerce will directly impact non-EU countries exports to European customers. As such, UK companies need to adapt as soon as possible. Check out our article featuring a short video on the topic !
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The impact of Brexit on Fashion industry : The battle of cost

The once thriving British fashion industry is heavily internationally-oriented. As such, it has been deeply affected by the latest restrictions caused by the new UK/EU free trade agreement.
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Logistics : The direct impact of Brexit on businesses

Since the UK left the EU, new controls and procedures have made exports more difficult by causing transport delays and rising shipping costs. This will require from UK companies to adapt and rethink their supply chain.
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After Brexit: how will « rules of origin » impact your business?

You witness the economic effects of Brexit, and wonder how it can affect your business? Can your company work in Europe after Brexit? Most of the answers to these questions probably lie in the cryptic expression, "rules of origin."
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What impact does Brexit have on your business model? Strategic article

[AFTER BREXIT] Start or adapt your business in France

The end of free movement between the UK and the EU raises several questions, especially for British companies. What are the main risk factors? What are the implications for your business? And what changes can you implement to turn it into a business opportunity?
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