Why is this the right time to be investing in agrifood? Strategic article

Why is this the right time to invest in agrifood?

The agrifood industry is an economic powerhouse growing strongly thanks to strong demand. At the meeting point between future food and environmental challenges, the agrifood industry currently offers remarkable investment opportunities.
How to find the ideal location for your agri-food site Strategic article

How to find the ideal food production site

There are several specific consideration when choosing an agri-food production site. Factoring in logistics is a lot more important than other sectors. To make the right decision, you need to list your criteria and proceed methodically.
Industrie agro-alimentaire en Hauts-de-France Strategic article

5 Agrifood Trends to Watch

The popularity of organic food products, the importance of "made in France” labels, the focus on nutritional qualities, the growth of CSR, and the rise of the vegan and vegetarian markets: See how new market expectations are shaping the agrifood industry of tomorrow.
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5 good reasons to expand in the French agrifood market

Is France the right choice for your agrifood development project? Favored by its geographical location at the crossroads of European markets, its dense and dynamic agri-food ecosystem, and its internationally recognized "made in France" label, France has many advantages, especially since recent efforts to reduce taxes and simplify procedures have made it even more attractive.
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The “Made in France” label, a competitive advantage for your agrifood project

Popular with French consumers and also associated with an image of quality on the international market, the "made in France” label is very advantageous for companies that want to develop in France or take advantage of its export benefits.
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How the agrifood industry in France has coped with the Covid crisis

As a strategic sector during the crisis, the agrifood industry was strongly mobilized to respond to the issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How can you optimize your logistics in the agrifood industry?

Logistics are a central criterion in deciding how to set up your agrifood project, and they can be optimized in different ways. You can internalize or outsource your logistics or opt for a hybrid model. Whatever your choice may be, the Hauts-de-France Region has suitable solutions.
Why choose Hauts-de-France to set up your agri-food business Strategic article

Why choose Hauts-de-France to set up your agri-food business?

Logistics capacity, transportation infrastructure, availability and quality of labor, sites suitable for agri-food projects. Discover all the advantages of the Hauts-de-France region for your development project in the food industry.