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    5 reasons to invest in Hauts-de-France

    #1 Reach your markets within 3 hours

    Join us to tap into Europe’s most densely populated consumer market—78 million consumers within a 300 km radius. Opt for Paris, and you’ll only reach half as many consumers in the same travel time.

    And you’ll still have maximum accessibility. Paris is just an hour away from most of our cities. London is only 80 min from Lille by Eurostar. And Brussels is a short 35 min away by high-speed train.



    #2 Find the right site at the right price

    Whether you’re looking for a 500-sq m sales office or a 30-hectare megasite adjacent to a highway, we have it all—at ultra-attractive prices.

    Rent office space in Lille, and you’ll pay about one-third of the rate in London and Paris.

    Cost of leasing premium offices €/sq m/year (Lille index: 100)

    Cost of purchasing land for an industrial site (Lille index: 100)

    #3 Get up and running in record time

    This is what really counts. You’ve found your dream site, and you’re eager to get your business going. Now our relationship with you takes on a whole new dimension, as we swing into action to ensure you get your paperwork done—and administrative permits issued—as quickly as possible.

    • BCD Travel — opened a call center. Leased 1,000 sq m of office space, 150 employees. 9 months between the initial decision and startup of operations
    • Amazon — created a logistics platform. 22 ha greenfield site, 1,700 employees. 10 months from the decision to set up business and startup of operations
    • Kubota — created a tractor assembly plant. Acquisition of a 65,000 sq m site, 160 employees. 16 months from the decision to set up business and startup of operations

    #4 Find your workforce

    Hauts-de-France is a young, densely populated region with a broad talent pool. You’ll find all types of skills here. 

    Key figures:

    • 6 million residents
    • 225,000 students
    • 10% of French engineers were trained in Hauts-de-France.

    Our recruitment potential has attracted some major companies:

    Amazon: From 0 to 1,700 employees in 4 years!

    Nicolas Sekaki, President of IBM France

    “The site that we’ve created in Lille—with a workforce of 600 people today, set to grow to 1,000 over the next three years—is our window on the world. Having this team here allows us to be more relevant within our value chain.” 

    In Hauts-de-France, wages are nearly 20% lower than in Paris.

    Cost of a skilled tertiary operator (Lille index: 100)

    Cost of a skilled manufacturing technician (Lille index: 100)

    #5 Follow the lead of major multinationals

    Hauts-de-France is a magnet for international investments. A highly respected EY study ranked us as the country’s second most attractive region to investors from outside France, based on the number of international investment projects launched in 2017.
    Hauts-de-France is home to more than 1,900 foreign-owned companies

    Keigo Fukumoto, President of Kubota Farm Machinery Europe SAS:

    “From the construction of our factory to full startup of our production lines, we have received extraordinary support from local authorities.
    We were delighted to get all of our permits on time. Everything went exactly as planned.
    There must be something special about this region: our 160 employees are all highly skilled and they all have a great work ethic.”

    François-Xavier Brehon, Director of the Häagen-Dazs plant in Tilloy-lès-Mofflaines

    “Since the Häagen-Dazs plant opened in Tilloy-lès-Mofflaines in 1992, General Mills has invested several million euros each year. We’re convinced that the region is ideally positioned, with high-quality raw materials and a strategic geographical location that lets us export to the whole world.”

    Gaël Ruche, Director of the GSK site in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux

    “Ten years after building our plant, the results are excellent. We still have significant scope for growth, and our production volumes are very high. [ ...] Our Saint-Amand plant has the perfect location for Europe.”

    #BONUS: We support you free of charge—it’s what we do

    Time is money—­but we won’t rush you. We take the time to study your situation in depth and offer you customized solutions for setting up your business. And because we listen to you carefully, you’ll always save time.

    Wondering how much all of this will cost? No worries—help is free of charge for international companies, and confidentiality is guaranteed.

    We’ve been helping foreign companies for more than 50 years, and we know the field inside out. Give us an opportunity to show how we can help you grow in Hauts-de-France.

    Let's talk about you