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Altifort acquires the GEA plant in Château-Thierry and updates it to Industry 4.0

Bart Gruyaert

Co-fondateur de Altifort

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Altifort acquires and converts the GEA plant in Château-Thierry

Swayed by the knowledge and expertise of GEA employees, Altifort is investing again in the Hauts-de-France region with the acquisition of GEA’s production unit located in Château-Thierry. This merger and acquisition (M&A) venture is being assisted by Nord France Invest.

Altifort-Innovatech: an Industry 4.0 project

Within two years, the new Altifort-Innovatech site will be converted in order to obtain an industrial manufacturing plant for cobots, collaborative robots created through Altifort’s R&D activities. The production of high-tech equipment can thus “enable long-term success for the site and reinvent it”.

The Altifort Group

Altifort currently has 1,500 employees and €200 million in sales. The French industrial group, which specializes in the production of special materials for critical applications, has been growing thanks to its strategy of acquisitions and innovation.