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A passion for innovation

IFMAS—Institut Français des Matériaux Agro-Sourcés—is a private-sector business founded in 2012 in Greater Lille. Today its expert teams conduct research and add value in all areas of materials development (both biosourced and conventional), and in chemistry, with a special focus on plant chemistry. The breadth of its expertise puts it in a class of its own, spanning the entire process—from selecting the best plant varieties for your project to applying high-performance biosourced materials.

IFMAS has 4 research programs:

  • optimizing resources
  • synthesizing molecules
  • developing new materials
  • adopting sustainable processes

The company uses plants harvested within Europe to create eco-designed, sustainable, recyclable and/or biodegradable materials. Its expert teams then transform these into high-performance “technology bricks” that can be used to synthesize functional molecules and biosourced polymers for technical applications in chemistry, plastics, composites, coatings and paint. Result: reduced reliance on fossil resources and reduced environmental impact.

Promoting new applications

At IFMAS, practical applications are an integral part of the development process. Working closely with clients, it aims to bring the materials it creates from the test bench to market as quickly as possible, while boosting efficiency and enhancing product performance and functionality. And the company prides itself on harnessing applied research to serve a broad range of business sectors.

As part of this commitment, IFMAS issues an annual call for projects  to identify promising candidates for essential financing and technical assistance, selecting projects for their scientific merit and short time to market. Through its expertise, its labs and a wide range of value-added services, IFMAS brings promising R&D projects to life.

These programs are open to candidates in a broad range of fields:

  • packaging
  • transport
  • cosmetics
  • construction
  • electronics
  • medical applications
  • and more

Practical tools for concrete projects

IFMAS research programs use design and testing procedures modelled closely on actual  industry practices. Deployed in close partnership with key players in industry and government, these programs are guided by market needs and expectations, strategically positioned at the crossroads of fundamental and applied research.

In addition to technology platforms operated by external partners, including Ecole des Mines Douai and Université Lille 1, IFMAS hosts 6 labs on its own 2,400 sq m premises. These are dedicated to:

  • paints and coatings
  • structural modeling
  • analysis
  • organic synthesis
  • polymer synthesis
  • plastics processing

IFMAS also provides meeting rooms and office space to startups and SMEs.

Lastly, IFMAS offers special tax incentives to its clients under France’s Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR) program­—just one more reason why this dynamic lab is the ideal partner for projects involving plant chemistry and biosourced materials.


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