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    Confidential service available at no charge

    Nord France Invest

    Nord France Invest helps you settle in

    Nord France Invest
    Nord France Invest

    Save time and money with Nord France Invest

    Our mission: help international businesses like yours  set up and grow in Hauts-de-France. Our services are free of charge and confidential.
    When you work with our team, you:

    • receive regular updates on regulatory issues, sector news and administrative developments
    • tour promising sites selected to meet your specific needs
    • get help with applications for grants and other assistance
    • are introduced to the local contacts you need
    • get assistance from public authorities
    • are helped to get off to a good start
    • are supported as you grow

    Häagen Dasz has worked with Nord France Invest

    « Arras was competing with other potential sites, some of them in Asia, but our prime location, high-quality raw materials and good labor relations convinced the investors to choose our plant.»


    François-Xavier BREHON
    Plant Manager Häagen-Dazs Arras

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