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Triple Sensation ice cream—a hit!

14 May 2014 | Investment, Health Nutrition

After weighing the options, including a new plant in China, General Mills' subsidiary Häagen-Dazs opted to expand its existing facility near Arras in Northern France. One new production line and 18 months later, Triple Sensation was launched.

Triple Sensation - Häagen Dasz - Lille region

A major investment for a world-class ice cream

The latest Häagen-Dazs treat—Triple Sensation—is now available around the world. But did you know that this tasty newcomer is made in Northern France, at the brand's global production plant in Arras? First opened in 1992, the site now exports 80% of its output to 77 countries and has now been upgraded with a €19 million investment. “80% of our outlay went for machinery on our new production line, and the rest for a new 3,500 sq m building,” explains plant manager François-Xavier Brehon. The site has already hired 20 new employees, raising total staff to 300 including an in-house R&D team. With demand for Häagen-Dazs premium running strong, a dozen more new jobs are anticipated. 

Technology breakthrough for all-new ice cream

The group describes Triple Sensation as a breakthrough product. It took two years to bring it the initial concept to roll-out, due largely to the challenge of developing its three layers and maintaining their distinct features—three different textures in an 86-ml container, with ice cream incorporating caramel swirls and grilled almonds. “There are two secrets to producing Triple Sensation,” says Mr. Brehon. “First, you need full control of temperature for each layer to maintain the right consistency and keep them distinct. Second, there's the recipe itself.” In November 2012, the plant was awarded the Origine France label. Main ingredients are cream, milk and egg yolks, all supplied by a 350-member network of dairy and poultry farmers in the area around Arras. Today, three months after start-up, Triple Sensation is doing nicely. “If this continues, we will be operating a full capacity by the end of 2014,” says Mr. Brehon.


Source: LSA



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