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    Grid opens new audiovisual studio in Greater Lille

    Belgium-based Grid has opted to open its third office in Hauts-de-France—proof that Lille’s highly developed digital ecosystem is a strong selling point for animation studios. renews commitment to Tourcoing has signed a deal for a new building in Tourcoing, making good on plans announced in April. Find out why the fast-growing online travel company chose to stay in Hauts-de-France.

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    Six projects in Northern France named “Laboratoires d’excellence”

    26 Mar 2012 | A region on the move, Promotion

    €54m and six outstanding labs for Northern France

    Laboratoires d’excellence - Labex - Lille Region

    Candidates from Northern France distinguished themselves in the second round of applications for “Laboratoires d’excellence” status. Six projects qualified—nearly 10% of total projects accepted—for a total €54 million in funding. The call for projects allocated substantial resources to winners, allowing them to raise their international profile, compete with foreign labs on an equal footing, attract top international researchers and academics, and establish premium policies for integrated research, training and development.

    Our six winners:

    CaPPA (Atmospheric chemistry and physics)

    Research into aerosols’ contribution to air pollution and climate

    Funding: €7,500,000

    CEMPI (European center for mathematics, physics and their interaction)

    Creation of a unique research center harnessing mathematics, IT and physics to study fiber optics.

    Funding: €5,000,000


    DISTALZ (Development of innovative strategies for a cross-sector approach to Alzheimer's)

    An exploration of the biological processes involved in Alzheimer's disease, and development of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

    Funding: €12,000,000


    GANEX (National network for gallium nitride)

    Creation of a nationwide private-public network to produce electronic components based on gallium nitride.

    Funding: €9,500,000


    ICST (Ion channels as therapeutic targets)

    Creation of a national network dedicated to understanding ion propagation processes through cellular membranes. Aim: develop new therapeutic targets and new-generation drugs.

    Funding: €8,000,000


    ParaFRAP (French alliance against parasitic diseases)

    Creation of a national network to coordinate research activity and clinics treating parasitic infections (such infections are the main cause of death worldwide).

    Funding: €12,000,000


    Source: French Ministry of Higher Education and Research



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