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    Medical excellence in Hauts-de-France—the Facing Faces Institute

    The Facing Faces Institute (IFF) was founded in 2009 by Dr. Bernard Devauchelle, head of maxillofacial surgery at Amiens University Hospital Center and known for performing the world's first partial face...

    Health start-up Japet offers relief from back pain

    Antoine Noël and Damien Bratic—both graduates of the Centrale Lille school of engineering—founded Japet Medical Devices to develop a revolutionary new solution for back pain.

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    Lille to host 9th annual World Forum for a Responsible Economy

    15 Oct 2015 | A region on the move

    Come to the heart of economic growth in Lille October 20-22—attend the World Forum for a Responsible Economy and help build a more responsible, more caring economy that’s ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

    About the World Forum for a Responsible Economy

    Every year since 2007, Réseau Alliances has organized the World Forum for a Responsible Economy in Lille, under the leadership of Philippe Vasseur, former French cabinet minister and President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry for Northern France. Each edition of the Forum highlights the latest trends, making the world economy more responsible by showcasing best practices from companies around the globe.

    Since its beginnings, the World Forum has presented over 500 conference sessions and workshops, with nearly 1,000 speakers from over 80 countries sharing 900 best practices with some 35,000 participants. Its influence extends well beyond its own annual meeting, since it contributes inspiration and expertise to other social responsibility events in France and around the world. These include Europe’s annual CSR Europe Summit in Brussels, the international Ethos conference in Brazil, the first Belong Forum in Beijing, China, and the Arabia CSR Network’s annual awards in Dubai.

    2015 World Forum

    The 9th edition of the World Forum will be held October 20-22, and this year’s theme is growth—why it matters, who should benefit, how to create it and how to share it.

    The program includes plenary sessions, hands-on workshops, theme-based lunches and tours of local businesses, organized around four main themes:

    • Seeking growth that is consistent with new behaviors and new goals
    • Evaluating new technologies—how they shape growth and how they affect economies and societies
    • Finding tools to overcome the obstacles that can slow new growth
    • Choosing the right business models for new growth.

    The 9th edition features a slate of international speakers including Didier Leroy, Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Corporation; Paul Stanger, Local Sourcing Director, Heineken International; and Dirk Van de Put, Chairman and CEO of McCain Foods Limited.

    Can't make it to Lille in person? No problem. This year’s event will be streamed live from the World Forum for a Responsible Economy website. Join us on line, and be sure to share your reactions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn at #WFRE2015


    Learn more and register at: 

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