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Innosphère: shared innovation monitoring platform

07 Aug 2018 | Front page, A region on the move

Innosphère is a platform from CCI Hauts-de-France that makes it easy to access information about innovation in the Region.

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Free tools for anyone to use 

The Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides a free shared platform for information about innovation.

Structured around two additional tools, the Innosphère platform offers quick and easy access to: 


  • more than 200 regional resources, via a mind map
  • continuous monitoring of innovation in the region, via an information dashboard


Multiple complementary uses

Accessible at no cost, Innosphère is a collective intelligence tool for anyone to use:


  • For companies already in operation or wanting to set up business in the region, it makes it possible to easily and quickly identify support structures (sectors, financing, schools, etc.) and understand how the regional ecosystem works.
  • For local players and regional partners (schools, universities, consultants, hubs, clusters, inc.), it makes it easy to search for information quickly.
  • For entrepreneurs, it identifies support structures for young companies, such as business incubators and accelerators.
  • For all other regions, it’s a simple, efficient way to learn about the expertise available in our region.


This regularly updated information source is also an excellent reflection of the region’s dynamics with respect to innovation.

Tools to simplify innovation

Innosphère Mind Map

The mind map shows the entire innovation ecosystem (systems and organizations) for all of Hauts-de-France, showing sought-after skills with just one click.

“The star representation is used to structure information in a simple manner and makes it much easier to understand the regional ecosystem, which is often perceived to be complicated,” says David Ferron, the initiator of the Innosphère tool.

Innosphère Netvibes

The real-time information aggregator (media, blogs, RSS feeds, etc.) makes it possible to build or feed data regarding the company intelligence gathering and to follow regional, national, and international innovation news.

Access the tool:

Source: Innosphère, CCI Hauts-de-France

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