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    Medical excellence in Hauts-de-France—the Facing Faces Institute

    The Facing Faces Institute (IFF) was founded in 2009 by Dr. Bernard Devauchelle, head of maxillofacial surgery at Amiens University Hospital Center and known for performing the world's first partial face...

    Health start-up Japet offers relief from back pain

    Antoine Noël and Damien Bratic—both graduates of the Centrale Lille school of engineering—founded Japet Medical Devices to develop a revolutionary new solution for back pain.

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    i-LAB competition: 4 rising stars supported by the Eurasanté center of excellence

    17 Aug 2015 | Health Nutrition, A region on the move

    The healthcare sector is hale and hearty in Northern France. We take a look at four winners of the latest i-LAB competition—all members of the Eurasanté center of excellence.

    Eurasanté health cluster -  Lille Region

    Rising stars

    France's annual i-LAB competition promotes entrepreneurship and innovative technologies. In July its 17th iteration was co-hosted by France’s Ministry of Higher Education and BPI France, an agency providing support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. And Northern France—ranked third nationwide in healthcare—produced four winners:


    • Start-up Atlas developed a type of exoskeleton that treats sciatica through spinal decompression. The device is supported by the wearer’s hips and ribs and uses a cutting-edge electronic system to stretch the spine, relieving pressure and pain.

    •  The Extra Corporeal Enteral Prosthesis (ECEP) is designed to improve quality of life for patients living with an ostomy of the small intestine. It is based on a pump that takes the place of a portion of the intestine, reducing complications following surgery.

    • Heart Never Lies is a business service that takes physiological measurements of emotions evoked by marketing stimuli. Add-on consulting services include study design, execution, and analysis to prevent methodology bias and ensure quality data.

    • AutoNomad Mobility is developing its first product, a motor kit for persons with limited mobility. Compatible with all manual wheelchairs, this innovative system allows users to switch between power-assisted and all-electric mode as needed.

    About the Eurasanté center of excellence

    All four i-LAB winners are supported by the Eurasanté center of excellence. Located on Europe’s largest university medical campus, the center continues to grow. It is currently home to 150 companies and employs 2,800 people after adding nine new companies and two expansions in the first half of 2015. In all, it encompasses over 4,000 sq m of space and has created 130 new jobs.


    Source: La Voix du Nord – Eurasanté

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