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Hauts-de-France to British neighbors: Welcome Home!

05 Dec 2016 | Front page, Promotion, A region on the move

Hauts-de-France has developed an advertising campaign designed specifically for British business leaders. Dubbed “Welcome Home,” it stresses how close our region is to the UK—and how easy it is to invest here for inside access to the single market.

Hauts-de-France responds to Brexit with Welcome Home campaign

Hauts-de-France: the closest solution for British entrepreneurs with business in Europe

Our region has long been a destination of choice for international investors, thanks in large measure to a chorus of advocates—the Hauts-de-France Regional Council and its partners Nord France Invest, CCI International, CRT Picardie Tourism, Nord France Convention Bureau and Lille’s Agency—that have championed its appeal.

In the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, these advocates have launched an advertising campaign designed specifically to remind UK companies and investors that locating in nearby Hauts-de-France—closer to the UK than any other region in Europe—is a safe bet for access to the single market.

The British people said ‘no’ to Brussels—but not to Hauts-de-France,” says Xavier Bertrand, Regional Council Chairman. “We’re working together to create a win-win strategy that will boost trade, tourism and economic development. To British investors and business leaders, I say, ‘You’ve got a home with us.’”

Multiple advantages for business

In addition to its enviable location, outstanding transport infrastructure and high-quality labor pool, Hauts-de-France offers significant economic advantages, says Yann Pitollet, CEO of Nord France Invest. “The cost of doing business is much lower in Hauts-de-France than in the UK,” he notes. “Take office space. Rent in Lille, Arras or Amiens is only a quarter of what you’d pay in London: the rent for 50 sq m of London space gets you 200 sq m here!”

Key players in the region are working actively to craft solutions designed specifically for future British investors that want to grow their business or establish a presence in the European market for the long term.

Welcome Home

The Welcome Home ad campaign will use a variety of communication media in London and on the Internet, including :

- A promotional film, released on the Internet and social media, profiles James Anderson, a British entrepreneur who is doing business in Hauts-de-France and is thrilled with the region’s economic advantages—not to mention its quality of life “à la française.”

- A website ( that highlights the region’s strengths and puts business leaders directly in contact with regional partners that can support them throughout their project.

- Banners targeting business professionals on the websites of leading British financial media outlets.

- A poster campaign in the London Underground.

- Inserts in the on-board magazine for Eurostar and the in-flight magazine for British Airways

The region and its partners are counting on this sweeping joint campaign to bring many more James Andersons to Hauts-de-France.

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