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Anarcute: Taking the video game world by storm

03 Nov 2015 | A region on the move, ICT

Anarcute, launched by five students at Supinfogame Rubika in Valenciennes, has been winning prizes for best student video game since 2014. The success story continued in September, when their creation won the Unity Award for Best Student Project in Boston.

Anarcute Rubika Serre Numérique

Video games on a roll

The name Anarcute may not mean much to you now, but you’re sure to see it on your children's gaming consoles by early 2016. On September 22 in Boston, the game was named Best Student Project at the annual 2015 Unity Awards ceremony, created in 2008 to honor the developers who create the best video games and interactive 3D and 2D applications using the Unity development platform each year. In winning this year’s prize, its authors—five students at Supinfogame Rubika in Valenciennes—have established an international profile for themselves.

Partnership with Microsoft

The students originally developed the game as part of the Microsoft Imagine Cup, which they won in Seattle in July 2014, and their subsequent partnership with Microsoft enabled them to develop the game for the Xbox One. Also in 2014, the team won the Best Student Game prize at the Ping Awards in Paris. Building on its own momentum, Anarcute was featured at Gamescom 2015 (Cologne), Europe’s biggest trade show for video games, appearing at the booth for multimedia heavyweights Xbox and Unity 3D. The five students have now launched their own company at the Serre Numérique digital convergence hub in Valenciennes.

How it works

"Anarcute is a mind-blowing ‘beat ‘em up/ beat ‘em all’ style video game in which  players control a mob of irresistibly cute demonstrators who are determined to free the world from the terrible power of its stupid police force, the Brainwash Patrol. Fortunately, there's strength in numbers: as the crowd grows, you become unstoppable. Guide your demonstrators through the streets of Tokyo, Paris, Miami or even Reykjavik, picking up anything you find and using your makeshift weapons to save the world. Don’t be fooled by the game’s resolutely kawaii style: to beat the Brainwash Police, you've got to be willing to smash them in the face with that handy phone booth. It’s time to launch the Cute Revolution!” say Anarcute creators Mathieu, Tom, David, Félix and Lucie.

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