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    Grid opens new audiovisual studio in Greater Lille

    Belgium-based Grid has opted to open its third office in Hauts-de-France—proof that Lille’s highly developed digital ecosystem is a strong selling point for animation studios. renews commitment to Tourcoing has signed a deal for a new building in Tourcoing, making good on plans announced in April. Find out why the fast-growing online travel company chose to stay in Hauts-de-France.

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    Accelerating innovation in Lille: EuraTechnologies to host CEA Tech platform

    05 May 2015 | A region on the move, ICT

    CEA Tech will soon launch a new research platform in Lille, strengthening the region’s French Tech label and giving Northern France a boost in the race for innovation. For business, the move signals a leap ahead.

    EuraTechnologies - CEA Tech - research - Lille Region

    EuraTechnologies to host CEA Tech platform

    CEA Tech, France’s atomic and alternative energy commission, will launch a regional technology transfer platform in Lille later this year. As announced in early April by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, in September the region’s EuraTechnologies center will welcome an initial group of seven engineers, tasked with surveying the region’s industrial sector and identifying priority fields for research and new technologies. When fully staffed, the €40 million platform will employ some 30 researchers, providing a significant boost to innovation in Lille and the broader region. The goal: link CEA Tech’s research to regional universities, laboratories—and above all industry—to drive economic growth.

    Strategic sectors

    CEA Tech personnel have already identified regional partnerships in several strategic areas:

    • The Internet of Things and digital technologies with EuraTechnologies and La Plaine Images
    • Digital technology and culture with Louvre-Lens
    • Health and nutrition with Eurasanté
    • Technical textiles with CETI
    • Land transport with I-Trans
    • Energy with the Dunkerque cluster

    Momentum for regional research & employment

    And CEA Tech is only the beginning. With the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA) and the National Aerospace Research Center (ONERA) already present, Northern France is set to become Europe’s only region with all three major French technological innovation platforms. Once regional businesses begin to benefit from these research powerhouses, the ripple effect could create as many as 1,500 jobs in five years.


    Source : La Voix du Nord, les Echos

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