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Mergers and Acquisitions in Northern France

Looking to acquire a company in Europe? When you buy a business in Northern France you get a springboard to markets in France and across Europe—and room for serious growth. At Nord France Invest, we provide a network of experts that can help find the right match for you.

Sampling of available companies




Recycling / waste processing

€15-20 million

30-50 employees

Road Transport

€1-5 million

25-50 employees

Footwear retail stores

€10-20 million

50-100 employees

Food industry

€5-10 million

50-100 employees

Industrial equipment manufacturing

€25-40 million

90-130 employees

Use our network to identify acquisition opportunities

Our expert partners know the local business scene inside and out. They include:

  • investment banks
  • M&A professionals
  • attorneys
  • accountants
  • court-appointed administrators

What we offer

Tell us what you’re looking for—company profile, number of employees, annual sales and key technologies. We’ll conduct a targeted search for businesses that meet your specifications and put you in touch with them. You take it from there and negotiate the deal.

Free and confidential

Our backers cover the full cost of identifying companies available for purchase: as with other services available from Nord France Invest, you pay nothing. And as always, your interaction with us is 100% confidential: the identity of the acquiring party and the potential acquisition are never released.