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    Business opportunities in Hauts-de-France for UK companies

    A strategic business location

    Looking to enter the French market? Or for quick and easy access to markets in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany?
    Hauts-de-France is your gateway to all of Europe—the optimum solution for expanding your business, just a stone’s throw away.

    Who’s here already?

    Business opportunities

    In Hauts-de-France, you’ll find a wide choice of acquisition opportunities. Send us your requirements and we’ll identify suitable candidates, then put you in touch.

    Learn more 

    Secure your economic development—and boost your business. Here’s what we can do for you:

    • Use existing ecosystems to accelerate your growth
      by linking up with partners, R&D platforms, subcontractors, suppliers and more
    • Find qualified employees quickly and easily
      Labour pools with skills on tap
      10% of all French engineers study in Northern France
    • Harness our exceptional transport infrastructure:
      3 complementary ports equipped for import-export trade
      Direct link to the UK
      A seamless motorway network, with links to Paris and to Belgium
      High-speed rail service to major European capitals in under 3 hours

    The price is right for your business

    • operating costs 13% below our European competitors on average
    • more competitive wages than our main French competitors
    • in Europe’s top 3 for attractive real estate costs, all activities included
    • office space up to 50% less expensive than our French and European competitors on average. (With costs 19% lower for manufacturing premises and 28% lower for logistics). 



    All the business resources you need

    Logistics & e-commerce:

    Warehouse capacity near main European ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Le Havre, Dunkerque and more) and distribution facilities adjacent to airports handling international freight (from Roissy to Zaventem and Liège to Lille)


    Find the production facility or site you need—quickly and easily.  Buy or rent existing units or acquire land for a new build. 


    Looking to buy or rent commercial offices, an R&D lab or a service hub in France? Hauts-de-France has the solution you need to grow your service business in France and the rest of Europe. 

    A dedicated business manager

    To grow your business in Hauts-de-France, Nord France Invest assigns you a business manager to help you at every turn—confidentially and at no cost.

    For more information, contact us with the form below.